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It all started for Executive Dog Walking a few years ago, during my pet/house sitting services via Executive House Sitting. I cared for two precious doggies with full blown doggie boredom. They were in desperate need of an outing. Then I remembered the owner told me previously they were not walking their doggies for a while already. I realized, as we all do know it so very well, live can just get crazy busy at times and this is exactly what happened to this lovely family. Their doggies were in dire need of a great walk. So that was exactly what I then did with the doggies, we went for a walk!

Initially a lot of pulling but that was no problem as Executive Dog Training came to the rescue. After a few training sessions, these doggies were walking happily and they absolutely loved every second of their walks each day thereafter. When the family returned from their holiday, they received a surprised warm happy welcome from their doggies. The family immediately noticed the great positive change in their dogs’ behavior. The dogs were calmer, better behaved; no jumping and they also noticed there was no more digging of holes in their garden!

The next morning I received a phone call from the dogs’ family, notifying me that they also noticed how peaceful their dogs slept during the night. Before this family went on holiday they had a huge challenge with restless doggies during the night.

Since then, this is how our days go with Executive Dog Walking:
With breaths of fresh air and the feel of a cool breeze sweeping through my hair,
I am mesmerized by the tranquility and sounds of birds in the neighborhood.
With a natural migration instinct, a sudden pull on my arm made me once again aware of the passion I have for what I do, walking the doggies. Who can resist a happy dog?

Who can resist a happy dog? So if you are having difficulty sticking to your fitness program with your dog, and not having the time to walk your dog, get Executive Dog Walking for taking your dog on his/her regular walks.

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Jeanette Vockerodt