Do you dread walking your dog because of your dog pulling on the leash?

People walk their dogs for mental stimulation, training and exercise. Dogs like to go for their walks to get outdoors, exercise, socialize with people and other dogs outside the home, to sniff and engage with the environment. There are no reason that a walk cannot meet all the needs of both you and your dog.
Even if you have a big backyard, it does not provide a variety of sensory stimulation for your dog’s needs to ward off boredom. Your dogs need walks for their exercise and mental stimulation.

Do you dread walking your dogs because of your dog exhibit bad leash manners?
The best way to develop a positive dog walking habit is with Executive Dog Training.

Once your dog has been taught good leash manners, it is important to schedule a variety of purposeful walks for your dogs with Executive Dog Walking. Your dogs will be mentally stimulated on these walks.

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Regular exercise is a necessity for your dogs. Regardless of his/her size, breed, age and gender, your dog needs physical activity in order to be a balanced, healthy and happy dog. Walking will keep your dog’s frame strong, weight healthy and help to prevent or alleviate diseases such as arthritis and degenerative joint diseases.
Your dogs need their walks every day in order to maintain muscle tone and prevent muscle wasting.

Your daily schedule at present might be very busy and it does not allow for enough time to walk your dogs. Leave that responsibility up to Executive Dog Walking to handle for you! Ongoing and consistent walking training with Executive Dog Walking is a great way to keep your dog’s faculties sharp and boredom at bay. Executive Dog Walking training walks are about improving leash manners, learning basic and advanced obedience commands and ongoing socialization.

Your dogs depend on you for their quality of life. Make the right decision now and take advantage of Executive Dog Walking’s different types of walks to stimulate your dog physically and mentally.

Executive Dog Walking helps your dog to be happy, healthy and balanced.

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